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Debut EP 'HEART' released

Debut EP 'HEART' released

The debut EP 'HEART' has now been released.


Viii is a New Zealand-born singer, songwriter, multi-instramentalist and producer. Known for their ability to take characteristics from their eclectic musical background to create a broad palette to paint an interesting and unique canvas.

Drawing from influences such as ✝✝✝ (Crosses), Nine Inch Nails, Puscifer, Banks, Etta Bond, Massive Attack, Portishead and many more, creating a colourful source of inspiration.

Lyrically, Viii has a distinct common ground of self-reflection and understanding, often abstracting the subject in some form – either writing symbolically or from an alternate perspective about personal life experiences or abstract thoughts.

Outside of the music, Viii also handles their own artistic direction and other aspects surrounding releases and performances, such as photography, graphic design, software development, makeup artistry and fashion.

Viii currently releases music under their own independent label, Voodoo Creation Records.

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